Rue Education's Commitment

Rue Education is committed to providing help for nursing students by focusing on the ASN student, delivering quality, cutting-edge learning materials, providing superior academic support, and applying technology in a user-friendly manner to help nursing students maximize their learning potential. Working to make that commitment successful has led to Rue Education’s reputation as the premier education services provider of distance learning for nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and others in the healthcare field.

Rue Education’s approach to distance learning is unique. We believe that independent learning doesn’t have to be an entirely solo pursuit. Rue’s friendly, knowledgeable Academic Advisors, online tutors, and Educational Consultants work with you to help you earn credit toward your degree. Rue Education provides support and help for nursing students by giving you the tools, motivation, and support you need to succeed. You work according to your schedule, in your own space!

As a trusted industry leader, Rue Education has helped nearly 100,000 working adults across the country earn credit toward their Associate of Science in Nursing degree and earn their RN license. With help from Rue Education’s staff, these motivated adult learners have advanced their careers, opened new job opportunities, and created a better future for themselves and their families.

The Rue Education Promise of Quality
You can count on Rue Education to keep these promises to:

  • Offer superior nursing student support, encouragement, and communication from day one through graduation
  • Provide quality educational materials that will help you advance toward your degree
  • Offer online learning systems that put you in control of when and where you study
  • Apply technology in a user-friendly manner to help nursing students maximize their learning potential
  • Make available financial assistance and payment options to help make Rue’s program affordable
  • Give a written guarantee that ensures academic success

Rue Education's Values

  • Integrity - Be honest, fair, reliable, and ethical in all interaction and activities
  • Teamwork - Combine individual talents and ideas while reaching for a common goal
  • Loyalty - Be committed and dedicated to nursing students and their goals
  • Respect - Treat others with dignity and tolerance and appreciate individuality
  • Open Communication - Listen and hear objectively and speak with honesty and respect