Online Tutors and Subject Matter Experts

Rue Education’s online sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts with PhD, master, or bachelor degrees who have received certification during an extensive training program for online tutoring. Rue's tutor-assisted online learning system pass rate averages over 88%!*


Rue's online tutors work closely with nursing students to answer questions via email, encourage interaction with other nursing students through discussion boards, and provide the support, encouragement, and motivation needed to successfully complete your studies.


A sample of subject matter experts who have created online learning system content for Rue Education:


Alene Burke, RN, MSN
Adelphi University


Alice Rainess-Jordan, MSW
Columbia University


Linda A. Kraus, PhD
Indiana University


Daphne D. Lambright, PhD
Miami University


Sharon Morrison, MEd
University of South Florida


Janet L. Randall, MA
University of South Dakota


Leslie Rewald, MS
Villanova University


William Roberts, RN, EdS
Nova Southeastern University


Sarah B. Sparks, RN, MPH
Johns Hopkins, School of Public Health


Latricia L. Williams, MA
University of Iowa


Universities listed above denote the institutions that have conferred panel member degrees/designations.

A sample of online tutors:

Gary Brannan, EdD
BA Microbiology: University of South Florida
MA Biology Education: University of South Florida
EdD Education: University of South Florida
28+ years experience teaching (high school/college)

“I feel that the best teachers are the ones who enjoy their subject matter and are aware of new approaches to teaching and learning within their field. I feel enthusiasm is contagious and can influence whether a student will put forth the effort to learn.” -- Gary Brannan

Adam Hrincevich, PhD
BS Biology: Pennsylvania State University
MS Biology: University of Southern Mississippi
PhD Zoology/Molecular Genetics/Fisheries: Louisiana State University
17+ years collegiate teaching experience

"My teaching philosophy has evolved over my 12 years of helping students learn biological concepts in varied environments such as the formal classroom, “virtual” classrooms for online courses, the laboratory, and one-on-one in a tutorial situation. I have taken my passion for the educational process and passed it on to students in hope of stimulating a lifetime of learning. As an instructor, I can play a pivotal role in molding the minds of future scientists and scholars. As an educator, I have the potential to positively impact and forever change the lives of students just beginning their educational journey. I find this to be the most rewarding part of my job and enjoy all of the challenges that are associated with the learning process."  -- Adam Hrincevich

Lori Katz, MEd
AA Sociology: Broward Community College
BA Sociology: University of Miami
MEd Counselor Education: Florida Atlantic University
19+ years teaching experience

"I have a natural love and enthusiasm toward learning.....I truly LOVE making a difference in the lives of my students. I have been tutoring for almost 19 years. Through my facilitating at Rue Education, I am able to utilize my strengths and experiences so I can do the best job I can as an online instructor! I embrace the process of education and want my students to feel the same way. I have "high energy" that can be transferred to my classroom (face to face or online). I want everyone to feel "included" in the learning process. I understand the predicament of the students....TIME is of the essence....They want to learn what they need to pass their exams and I try to focus on their needs so they feel understood.” -- Lori Katz

LaTosha Thomas, MA
BA Psychology: Duke University
MA Counselor Education: University of South Florida
PhD (in progress) Curriculum & Instruction/Counselor Education: University of South Florida (exp 2010)
Certified Guidance Counselor
Certificate in Neuroscience (Duke University)
10+ years in Mental Health and Education

“I have what I describe as a passion for helping others, and much of my work has been with diverse populations of students and clients from non-traditional and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. I have also been a student in online courses, and know a little bit about the challenges and rewards that come with this type of learning experience. Good time management, effective study skills, high motivation, and clear goals are strategies that I believe help students succeed in online classes. I will use my educational and professional background to facilitate a positive learning experience and help Rue students achieve their goals.” -- LaTosha Thomas


Alicia Zilay, MS
BA Psychology: University of South Florida
MS Mental Health Counseling Psychology: Nova Southeastern University
10+ years teaching experience, 8+ years Psychology Counseling experience

“Helping students learn and grow to fulfill their potential is my life-long passion. This passion has led me to many teaching experiences. I have taught in public classrooms, in psychiatric treatment centers, in private schools, and in the community. I have taught live, online, and web-enhanced courses in Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Human Sexuality, Abnormal Psychology, Life Span Development, Sociology, and Introduction to Psychology.” -- Alicia Zilay


*Based on reported scores.