Clinical Nursing Components | FCCA & CPNE

Clinical nursing components required to get your ASN degree include:

  • The Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment* (FCCA) is a two-part online clinical competency assessment of skills related to head-to-toe nursing assessment, managing multiple patients, and interacting with an interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  • The Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE®) is a skill-based nursing assessment designed to measure an ASN student's ability to demonstrate the expected behaviors and skills of a beginning-level associate-degree-prepared nurse. This 3-day weekend exam (CPNE) is administered in regional performance assessment centers across the country.

Rue's CPNE Preparation Package provides you with a comprehensive learning system to help you study the content and practice the skills needed to successfully pass the CPNE.


*Rue does not supply a learning system for the FCCA assessment.