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Rue Education gives you the control and flexibility to fit your studies into your busy schedule with online nursing education. And, even though you’re studying independently, you have a team of tutors, Academic Advisors, and fellow nursing students at your disposal to help you succeed in the learning process.

Features available exclusively to those taking Rue's online learning systems include:

  • The ability to study when you want, 24/7, throughout the duration of the online session, wherever you have an internet connection, according to your own schedule.
  • A homepage that contains an overview, announcements, and a recap of your grades.
  • Detailed session syllabus with descriptions, objectives, and schedules for each subject matter.
  • Weekly folders that keep you on track and provide the assignments and activities for that week including interactive discussion forums, crossword puzzles, practice tests, and more.
  • Electronic practice exams with immediate feedback and rationale for answers to gauge your mastery of the subject and to help you focus on the areas in which you need more study/review.
  • Tracking of your daily and weekly progress.
  • Online tutors, subject matter experts in their field, who work with you to answer questions and provide motivation and encouragement.

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Benefits available to all Rue clients:

  • A Rue Academic Advisor who helps you with your studies, time management, goal setting, and answers your questions. Academic Advisors provide support and motivation to help you reach your goal.
  • Interactive feedback with Rue Mentor Connection™, a nursing student based, Excelsior graduate monitored online message board. Mentor Connection offers meaningful insights, fosters a sense of community, and reinforces the fact that while you may be studying independently, there are others going through the process with you.
  • The customized Rue Learning Systems™. Each client receives Rue’s customized workbook/study guide which highlights the most pertinent material, provides questions and exact page references so you can look up answers, end-of-chapter practice exams, as well as a practice final exam, complete with answers.
  • Rue's promise of quality through the interactive and independent learning guarantees.

The session schedule is available online.  For a detailed schedule with start and end dates, contact an Educational Consultant at .


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To view the online course demo video, contact an Educational Consultant for a password. Then, click the image below and enter the password you were given. Call  to get your password today.


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