Rue Education's Mentor Connection

The Rue Mentor Connection™ is a nursing student based, Excelsior graduate monitored online discussion forum. It’s a community environment in which you can get the following from current nursing students and Excelsior graduates:

  • News, information, tips, advice, encouraging words
  • Insight into the process of earning your degree
  • Answers to questions about learning systems 
  • A way to connect with others studying via distance learning
  • A help center complete with frequently asked questions, tips, and advice
  • Discussion boards filled with postings from LVNs, LPNs, Paramedics, and Respiratory Therapists who are working toward becoming RNs
  • Interaction, support, and motivation from current nursing students and Excelsior graduates who visit the site

Mentor Connection is offered to Rue clients as part of our full circle of support. Mentor Connection keeps you connected and helps overcome the feeling of isolation some may encounter when working independently. This is your community, your connection, your mentors. Mentor Connection is where you truly find out that independent learning is anything but independent!