Rue Education's Academic Nursing Student Support Services

For adults facing time constraints, independent learning is an attractive alternative to further their careers. By using the Rue Learning Systems™, you can earn an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree from Excelsior College, on your own schedule, in your own home. And even though you’re studying independently, with Rue Education and our nursing student mentors, you’re not alone. Rue is here to help and support you as you work toward becoming an RN:

We know it takes a lot of personal fortitude, and motivation to earn your nursing degree. From day one, you are in contact with an Academic Advisor who will walk you through the entire degree-earning process, from getting started through passing your state board exams.

Rue's Academic Advisors offer you nursing student support and advice on the following:

  • Using your time to your advantage, while balancing work, family, friends, community, me-time, and other commitments
  • Setting a plan, whether it’s daily, weekly, short-term, or long-term, including a timeline and tips for getting what you want done
  • Time management strategies
  • Study tips and test taking pointers
  • Hints on how to overcome test anxiety
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management techniques

More than just an Academic Advisor, he or she will become a trusted ally, a shoulder to lean on, a partner who will provide the encouragement you need so you can keep moving toward your goal. The Academic Advisors are part of the reason Rue has such high retention and pass rates among their clients.

The Rue Mentor Connection™ is a nursing student based, Excelsior graduate monitored online discussion forum for mentoring nursing students. It’s a community environment in which you can get the following from current nursing students and Excelsior graduates:

  • News, information, tips, advice, and encouraging words
  • Insights into the process of earning your degree
  • Answers to questions about learning systems
  • A way to connect with others in the same situation
  • A help center complete with frequently asked questions, tips, and advice
  • Discussion boards filled with postings from LVNs, LPNs, and Paramedics who are all working to become a RNs
  • Interaction, support, and motivation from current students and graduates who visit the site

Mentor Connection is offered to Rue clients as part of our full circle of support. Mentoring for nursing students keeps you connected and helps overcome the feeling of isolation some may encounter when working independently. This is your community, your connection, your mentors. Mentor Connection is where you truly find out that independent learning is anything but independent!

Rue Education’s online learning systems are facilitated by subject matter experts with PhD, master or bachelor degrees who have received certification during an extensive training program for online tutoring. Rue's tutor-led online learning system pass rate averages over 88%!*

Rue's online tutors work closely with nursing students to answer questions via email and discussion forums, and encourage interaction with other nursing students through discussion boards.  They support, encouragement, and motivation needed to successfully complete your studies.


Encouragement, communication, support – it’s what Rue Education delivers. Rue's dedicated team of academic advisors, and online tutors are available to help you reach your goal of bettering your career and life circumstances by obtaining your advanced nursing degree.

*Based on reported scores.