Rue's CPNE Preparation Package


Rue's Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE®) Preparation Package provides you with a comprehensive learning system to help you study the content and practice the skills needed to successfully pass the CPNE.

CPNE Preparation Package 

  • Excelsior College CPNE Preparation Workbook
    Excelsior's (CPNE) interactive workbook offers study strategies and suggestions on preparing for the CPNE. In addition, the workbook also provides written exercises using nursing diagnosis and critical thinking. 
  • Excelsior College CPNE Prep DVD 
    Excelsior College’s 90-minute CPNE orientation DVD is designed as a visual supplement to the CPNE workbook. The video presents selected aspects of orientation, laboratory simulations, and adult and child care situations. 
  • Rue’s CPNE Resource Guide
    Rue’s Resource Guide is a compilation of simulated lab calculations, helpful hints from former students, CPNE mnemonics and other CPNE study tips.