Rue's Educational Materials

The educators at Rue realize mastering all of the material required to get your Associate of Science in Nursing Degree can be challenging. To help you study more efficiently, Rue Education’s subject matter experts have created a Rue Learning System™ for each of the subjects offered.

Rue’s educational materials that accompany both the tutor-assisted online and total offline learning systems feature:

  • A workbook/study guide created by subject matter experts with PhD or master’s degrees 
  • Objectives and required readings at the beginning of each chapter
  • Page references so you can quickly and efficiently check your answers
  • End-of-chapter and final exams with page references and answer keys
  • Study and time management tips

The workbook contains questions on material found in the required textbook readings. Each question is followed by a page reference leading you to the exact spot in the textbook where you can find the answer. There are also end-of-chapter exams and a final exam – all with page references and answer keys.