Academic Advisors

We know it takes a lot of personal fortitude, and motivation to earn your nursing degree. From day one, you are in contact with an Academic Advisor who will walk you through the entire degree-earning process, from getting started through passing your state board exams.

Rue's Academic Advisors offer you advice on the following:

  • Using your time to your advantage, while balancing work, family, friends, community, me-time, and other commitments
  • Setting a plan, whether it’s daily, weekly, short-term, or long-term, including a timeline and tips for getting what you want done
  • Time management strategies
  • Study tips and test taking pointers
  • Hints on how to overcome test anxiety
  • Goal setting
  • Stress management techniques

More than just an Academic Advisor, he or she will become a trusted ally, a shoulder to lean on, a partner who will provide the encouragement you need so you can keep moving toward your goal. Rue’s Academic Advisors are part of the reason Rue has such high retention and pass rates among their clients.