Tara Sheldon LPN


Hi, my name is Tara Sheldon. I currently live in Palm Harbor, Florida and I’ve been an LPN for six months. I finished my first course  in about three weeks.

I chose Rue because I felt that in my very busy life I needed to have the support of the study guides. The study system really made sense for me. I think that the study guides are very well put together and they contain very interesting information. I think that having gone forth with Rue so quickly has really helped me become a better LPN. I’m still obviously in my first year, but the things I’ve learned so far have made me become a better nurse.

I really encourage you to start the Rue program. I think it will be something that will really enable you to become an RN as quickly as you choose to do it, and with a great deal of success. Good luck to you.

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