Cathy Epps LPN


Hi, my name is Cathy Epps. I currently reside in Palm Bay, Florida and I’ve been an LPN for almost 15 years. I’ve referred quite a few people to Rue. Two have signed up after me and one has already completed the program and is on the waiting list for her clinical.

The Rue web forum (Mentor Connection) was great because you would get on and interact with other students and you would combine notes. With each module and each study system you would compare notes. With everybody helping you, and you helping everybody else, it was a lot easier to pass the exams.

The Rue directed study systems can help anybody that has a medical background - and more or less Rue puts it together like a refresher course. We’ve all seen it before, but we just have to be reinforced the information again. It’s very easy to follow.

I would recommend this program to anybody. It gives you a boost. Your self-confidence level goes up, because when you go in, you can see that you can do it. It’s easier than sitting in a classroom and takes less time to complete the program and reach your dreams of being an RN. It’s a very difficult dream to reach. I wish everyone good luck and I would be more than willing to help anyone out in the program. 

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