Grace Judush LPN


Hi, my name is Grace Judush. I currently live in Temple, Pennsylvania and I’ve been an LPN for nine years. I was motivated to go for my RN to advance in positions where I work. I chose Rue as a study system - rather than going back to a regular school system - because I’m also working. I have a family and I wanted to be able to do it all, but I didn’t want to give up one for the other.

The support from Rue has been excellent. The customer care person was a very fine lady.

I get a lot of support from my co-workers and my family. There are a lot of nurses in my family so they’re happy to see me make this advancement. The study systems are excellent. They gave me more than enough information ... and you can do it, plus work and have a family. I would encourage anybody to try to make the advancement.

I’ve used Rue’s website (Mentor Connection) to get a lot of positive encouragement from the other people that post on the network there. Many of us are juggling quite a few other responsibilities, but it is very doable.

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