Kristin Arant LPN


Hi, my name is Kristin. I’ve been an LPN for 6 years and decided to use Rue Education to go back to get my RN. Mostly what motivated me to go back to get my RN is my current job title requires me to do a lot of the RN’s work and I feel that with the educational background to actually have the RN behind my name, I could better complete my work and job and better take care of my patients.


I have 9 courses left as far as education courses, and the NCLEX of course, and the clinical portion. I’m very nervous actually, about the NCLEX, mostly just because it is such a big test and I’m nervous about the clinical too, just going into a situation where you’re not familiar with the procedures of the facility, but so far Rue Education has prepared for everything that has been put in front of me and I feel like I will be prepared for that too when the time comes. The last course was Anatomy and Physiology.  It was a 12 week course, I took 15 weeks total, I did a 3-week review at the end of the course where I went back through everything the course had gone through in the first place before I took the final exam at the college. I found it very easy to sign up for the exams to be taken at my local college through the Rue Education Angel Learning System.


At first using the online system I was really nervous that I would not be prepared for the exams, but after I got really high scores on my first 3 exams, and then high scores on microbiology and anatomy I have got a lot of faith in the online system. The discussion forum that they do every week, I think they’re really interesting. I chose Rue because I like the layout of the material better. I chose Rue and independent study versus traditional college because I need to maintain my full-time job and my employer is actually paying for my education so I had to keep full-time status with my employer and that was not possible to do traditional college. I think the academic support I have received so far has been awesome. They have always answered my questions to the fullest and even gone beyond even what I asked and researched further. Usually it’s very easy to get in touch with someone and every time I talk with someone they know who I am even before I say who I am so I think they’re doing a great job. I think the effect of any adult who goes back to college is high stress, but the flexibility of being able to complete my courses from my home and being able to be home in the evenings has really decreased what I think would be more stress having to be in a facility to complete my courses. An LPN could definitely complete this program.


I feel like studying has interfered some with my family life but that is going to come no matter when or where you decide to continue your education. You’re going to have to study to get through it, that’s just part of it as far as I can tell. I do think there’s a lot entailed in studying on your own through an online course, but in the long run it’s worth it because you are able to be home with your family. Even if you can’t be completely involved, at least you’re there in person.


I wish good luck to anyone who decides to continue their education using this system. My biggest tip is don’t rush through the material, make sure you understand it fully before you go and take the exam. I do suggest reviewing after the end of each course because it is a fast pace and the review time is so essential to make sure that you didn’t miss anything during the course.

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