Kathy Hendrickson RN


Hi, my name is Kathy Hendrickson and I’m a registered nurse and I currently live in Cokato, Minnesota.  I’ve been an RN for almost 3 years.  I work as an assistant director of nurses in long-term care.  I’ve worked in long-term care for many years and had this opportunity to work in this position.  It has been very rewarding and I have learned many things.

I immediately knew this was something I wanted to look into.  I was very interested.  I actually called the Minnesota Board of Nursing and asked them.  I wanted to make sure that they knew of this program.  And they supported the program, and they did know of the program and they did support it, and that was good to know.

I was very scared as far as the clinical exam, and it was a very positive experience for me.

For anyone that’s involved in Rue, or thinking about it, I applaud you for taking that step to be involved.  And just keep going, because you can reach the goal.

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