Kathleen Crosby LVN


Hi, my name is Kathleen Crosby and I currently reside in Bastrop, Texas. Currently I’m an LVN and I have been licensed since November of 2000.

As far as signing up for the examinations, I did everything online and it was very easy. The Rue directed study systems are awesome. They’re great - they save you time.  And time is money.  The last course I completed took me approximately six weeks.

The study guides are compact and they’re wonderful - you can take them with you. I keep mine in my car with me at all times.

Completing my RN is so exciting; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and Rue keeps me motivated. I really feel that Rue study systems can help anyone receive their degree. They’re really easy to comprehend, they keep you motivated and everything is so simple and concise.

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