Michael Beilfuss Paramedic


My name is Michael Beilfuss. I live in a trailer, my wife and I travel the country. I’ve been a paramedic for 29 years, and I’m kind of retired. With my 29 years as a paramedic I’m going to get my RN and work with my wife in emergency rooms as we travel.

No matter where we’re at, obviously Rue is only a phone call away ... or an e-mail away. All we do is tell them where we're at and they mail us our stuff. I just e-mail Rue and say, "here is the shipping address I want them sent to," and they come right to where we are. I think the Rue study system has prepared me really well for the exams. They basically walk you through each chapter, or each section, that you need to study so that when you go in there, you’re ready to sit and take the exam. The exams are three hours, and in less then an hour, I was done taking the exam.

In conclusion, to anybody that is thinking about doing the Rue study system, I think that Rue provides quality service that can facilitate getting to your goal of having your RN degree and being able to go to work right away.

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