Ashley Eichorn LPN


Hi, my name is Ashley Eichorn.  I live in Erath, Louisiana, and I’m currently an LPN.  I’ve been an LPN for five years. 

It was really easy to get started with the online courses.  The Academic Advisors really help out.  It’s really easy to log on and see what’s on your lessons.  It’s easy to navigate through the online courses.  Everything’s plain as day.  It’s really well thought out.  Everything’s there.

It’s very easy to sign up for the exams.  You can either do it online or by the phone.  It’s really no trouble at all.

The online courses really helped me prepare for the exam.  It keeps you on target.  It doesn’t let you fall behind.  If you do fall behind the tutors are there to help you out.  If you have any questions, they help you out in any way they can.

The discussion questions help you the most because you get to interact with the other students taking the course, and you get to be back and forth on them.   If you don’t understand, they (the other students) help you out, they write little comments, and stuff to just keep you motivated.

It did help to have a tutor online to tell you what was right and what was wrong.  You have your other students, but the tutor can give you the explanation of why it’s like that. It’s easier.  It keeps you on track.  You have somebody to answer to.  It’s not just answering to yourself.

I use the Mentor Connection all the time.  I log on five and six times a day.  It’s a good site to go ask questions, and just feel like part of the family – part of the Rue family.  I love going to that site.

I chose Rue because of the freedom to do it while I worked.  I didn’t have to take off, cut down to part time, or anything like that.  I’m the type of person – I like to go at my own pace.  I don’t like to have to wait on other people.  I’m a get up and go person.

The Academic Advisors are wonderful.  They’re there anytime you need to ask a question on something that’s not even pertaining to Rue.  They’re there to answer questions about what kind of test you need to take, what’s your next step, or what classes you need to take.  The Academic Advisors are wonderful in whatever they do.

My success story is my first exam.  You’re always so nervous.  You don’t know what to expect, and you go and you take your first exam.  You know you’ve studied and you come out of it and you got an A, and it’s the most wonderful feeling.  It solidifies that, yes, you can do this.  That was my best point so far in the program – just knowing and confirming that, yes, I can do this.   

For those people that are not sure about doing it online, that’s kind of scared of the computer aspect, it is so easy.  Even if you don’t even know how to turn the computer on, it’s not that hard to learn.  It’s all click here, click there, there are tutorials that tell you how to do it.  It’s very, very easy.

If you’re thinking about doing this program, I would 100% tell you to go ahead and do it.  Don’t hesitate.  Do it now because if you keep on pushing it back, you’re never going to do it.  Just take the leap and do it. 

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