Doug Reid Paramedic


Hi, my name is Doug Reid. I currently live in Huntington, Pennsylvania and I’ve been a paramedic for about 18 years. It’s taken me three to four weeks, depending on the length of the study system. It’s been very easy to sign up for exams and it’s been very easy to get information to move forward with my completion of this program. I feel that Rue study systems have prepared me very well.

I’m very impressed with the product they sent me. I’ve researched and looked at other products that are on the market for the same RN program, including some from the colleges, and I feel that Rue products walk me step by step through the process of not only learning how to pass this test that’s coming up, but they also teach me what I need to know to function as an RN.

What I like about the study guides the most is that with some other products on the market, they give you a very broad study area, where Rue walks you step by step, gives you the reading materials, and asks you specific questions that you have to go back to the material, research it, and find the correct answer.

I also really like that the answers aren’t always verbatim. They make you think and actually get the material in your head. So when it does come time to take the test, you know the material inside and out.

With some of the other products that I’ve seen, they give you a basic overview of "this is what you need to know," but they don’t actually - step by step - take you through where you know exactly what they want you to know.

I will say, that as of right now, I’ve taken 3 of the tests ... I’m ready to take my fourth test.  Because of the Rue study products, and the education that they’ve provided me, I’ve gotten straight A’s on all of my tests and I expect do that throughout because the material is set up to help you succeed.

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