Mike Porter Paramedic


Hello, my name is Mike Porter. I live in Mendon, Utah and I work for the fire department as a firefighter/paramedic. The Rue study has been good. They give an overview of the important information and then you write down the answers and it’s good study material for the test. So far I’ve gotten 2 A’s and a B. I feel like it’s prepared me well for the exams.

Being a paramedic, the nursing side of things is related.  And once I get that RN, I think that the paramedic things I do will help me to be a better nurse.

I think it’s a really good program. You can do your studies while you’re at work - that’s what I do. I bring my studies here at the fire department and I also do studies at home. I do have to be a self-motivator but it’s a good system for the working person. I recommend it and I look forward to completing this program.

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