Melissa Peery RN


My name is Melissa Peery. I live in Tennessee and I’ve had my license for approximately a month and a half as a registered nurse. I chose Rue and the independent study because it fit me - having to work and care for my family. Rue was very economical. It allowed me to use a payment plan, which helps a whole lot.

The support from Rue was overwhelmingly wonderful. The client advisors were always willing to meet my needs by keeping in constant contact whenever I called them about trying to receive a study system. 

The Rue material will help anyone complete their degree.I do advise anyone who decides to pursue their degree using distance learning materials that they use the Rue study materials, because if it wasn’t for Rue and their study materials, and the assistance of the advisors, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my degree. Goodbye and good luck.

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