Luanne Sweely RN


My name is Luanne Sweely and I live in Sebring, Ohio.  I’ve been an RN for four months and I work as a case manager at Alliance Visiting Nurse Association.

I was motivated to move into my RN position because, first of all, the money - it was more money.  Second of all, I was doing a lot of the things that the RN case managers were doing and was not being compensated for it.  So, I decided to get my RN.

At the actual clinicals, which I took in Columbus, there were six of us that took it.  I felt like I was really well prepared.

Getting my RN degree has meant a change in salary.  I make more money, which has been nice.  It also helps me feel more confident in my job.

I think anyone can do it.  Just take it a little at a time, or you can do it very quickly.  I would encourage anybody that has been thinking about going back to get their RN to do it.  I think everybody can do really well with it.

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