Susan Guy LPN


Hi, this is Susan Guy and I live in up state South Carolina. I have been an LPN for 15 years. It was always my intention to go on to my RN, but due to finances, the need to work full-time, and raising a family, I was unable to do that. It’s always been my dream.

I chose to go with Rue because of the convenience and the fact that I could continue to work, receive the study systems right to my door, and schedule my exams with Excelsior at my convenience.

I feel like the support from Rue has been wonderful. One of the best parts of Rue is the forum (Mentor Connection) that they have that the students can actually communicate. I’ve met some wonderful people who have been very supportive and encouraging - and they know exactly what I’m going through because they too are using the Rue study systems to achieve their dreams.

I would say to anyone that has had this dream of being an RN, not to let fear stop you. There are great resources out here.  And for those of us that have to work, this is a perfect opportunity. If I can do it, then I know others can do it.

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