Nancy Slaton RN


Hi, my name is Nancy Slaton and I live in Madison, Alabama. The most frequently asked question I get when people call me is: How did I get licensed in the state of Alabama going through Rue and Excelsior College?

When they ask me that, I respond by saying I had been an LPN for only five years. During that time I had only worked full time in a hospital for three months and I worked part time in Pediatrics for about two and a half years. Then I worked for about six months in the nursery in the hospitals with the newborns.  So that was all of the experience I had.

When I turned in my application to sit for state boards and I paid Alabama the money to get a license, I didn’t have to jump through any hoops.

I had contacted the people at the state board department, but I was not really that hopeful that they would accept me, but I got a call from a gentleman at the state board office within three weeks saying, "You have been allowed to sit for your state boards and you can schedule your test anytime you want to."  And that was it.

When I applied for state boards, I sent in my application, and my fee, and I also sent in a letter from my LPN college from my instructor - which she was kind enough to write - along with a course description for each course that I took in LPN school. It broke down the amount of hours I was in the classroom and the amount of hours that I was in the clinical setting.

If you have any physicians that would write you a recommendation, you can send that in as well ... also if you’ve gotten any certificates of higher learning. I had a certification saying that I was certified to read telemetry.  So, anything like that you have received saying you have received some sort of higher learning. Anything that you can send to make you look better, the better you look, and the more chances you have of getting in to sit for the RN boards.

Good luck with your degree.

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