Dean Garza LVN


Hello, my name is Dean Garza and I currently live in San Benito, Texas. I’ve been an LVN for the past eight years and I’ve been a nursing supervisor. I felt it was time for me to move on and get my RN.

Personally, for myself, I try to do a course every month and I have kept up with that pace. I was hoping to be done with all of my courses and sit for my state boards in one year and it will be exactly one year. If I had to go in cold and take one of these exams I could never do it, but with Rue I go sit for my 150 to 160 question test and in about two hours I’m done, with plenty of time left to spare.  I feel very confident when I walk out that door. The study guide really focuses on that one area. When you go to take your test every question there is “I know this.”

Every time I ask a question of the customer support people, everyone is really nice; everyone answers your questions promptly.  And if they don’t know the answer, they will find someone that does.

Rue can help anybody earn this degree - anybody that is interested, anybody that wants to grow, anybody that wants to be more responsible for your nursing license or your nursing career. Step up to the plate, call Rue - it’s a free call - and talk to the person. Let them tell you about their system and let them get you motivated. Use that motivation to get you from your LPN to your RN, BSN whatever you feel like, just don’t stay in one position the rest of your life, it’s time to move, so call Rue.

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