Mike Ortiz LVN


Hello, my name is Mike Ortiz, I’m an LVN. Presently I’m an HIV counselor working to become an Registered Nurse. I chose to become a Registered Nurse to help people, care of people, and to provide some financial support to my family.

I made the choice to go through Rue versus regular college because of my work schedule, my family schedule, and other obligations. Rue made it extremely easy to study on my own a couple of hours a night.

All the support I’ve received from Rue has been great. Customer service has been fantastic. When I have questions the nurse educator at Rue answers my questions - or calls me back and answers my questions - and spends time on the phone with me going over all the information.

My grades with Excelsior have been great, better than I’ve done with a regular college. In college I was a C-D student, but through Excelsior - with Rue’s help - I have been in the A-B range. They’ve also done a great job with preparing me for the CPNE.

I believe that Rue study systems can help pretty much anybody that is focused and self motivated to better their life and to better their future.  Rue can definitely help you. I encourage anybody who is looking to advance their life, advance their career, and advance their gratification of themselves, to go and to get started with Rue because they can help you do it.

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