Glenda Williams LPN


Hello, my name is Glenda Williams.  I live in Ethridge, Tennessee.  I have been an LPN for four and a half years.  I am currently seeking to get my RN licensure.  The reason I wanted to pursue my RN was because I was doing the work of an RN, but was receiving LPN pay.

I like the Rue learning system.  I can go at my own pace, and if I have a question or a problem, I always have somebody that I can go to to find a solution. 

I think the Rue learning system really prepared me well for the test because everything pertained to what was on the test.  The little tips and hints that were in the learning system specifically said to “know this, know this, and know this.”  When I went to take the test, it was exactly right.  When they say, “know this,” you better know it. 

The study guide really breaks it down into smaller chunks to what you have to know.  The big book has a lot of information, but the study guide really breaks it down into what you have to know.  It puts it all in there together.

I chose Rue because I’m 57 years old, I didn’t graduate from high school, I only went to the eighth grade, I got my GED and I’ve worked all these years.  I just couldn’t find a place to stop and go to college, but this really works out well for me.

I, myself, feel like if I can take these classes and pass them, anybody can.  It is real beneficial.  It’s hard when you don’t even have a high school education – when you start picking up all these things that you’ve never seen in your life.  Then you say, “Hey, I can pass this test – I did pass it!”  It really gets you motivated. 

The first test I took, I was so stressed out, I thought I was going to hyperventilate.  The guy said, “Just sit here.  Get your breath.”  He said, “Relax a little bit.”  That’s what I did and I did really well. 

When I went to take the first test at Pearson, it was totally different for me because, I guess I knew what to expect.  I didn’t suffer near the stress that I did for the first test.  All that was stress that I didn’t have to go through the second time that I did the first time.

I think Rue is really good for any kind of education you might need to get - or want to get - and it’s proven good for me.  If you’re looking for a company to do your courses, Rue is great.  The stress is there, but as you go along, you will relax. As you put each test behind you, you’ll get motivated and you’ll say, “I can do this!”  Goodbye and good luck.

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