Ruthia Gill RN


Hello, my name is Ruthia Gill and I'm currently living in Mobile, Alabama.  I am an RN and I have been an RN for about two years thanks to the Rue program.

Getting ready to sit for the Alabama boards, it was based on an individual experience for me.  Initially, I first heard rumors that were given to me after I started the program, that I would not be able to sit for boards in Alabama ... but that was totally untrue.  Basically, the State Board of Alabama judges each person on an individual basis. 

By me having completed the Rue program and having done so well with my studies – as far as my grades – when I submitted my application to the Alabama Boards they basically were just looking for certain criteria to be met (which I had to have completed psychiatric nursing) I did complete a clinical in psychiatric nursing as an LPN.  My grades were then considered.

So, it is not as difficult as some people may feel.  It’s just that there are certain criteria that the board looks for.  If you meet those criteria, you will be allowed to sit.

I wish anybody that wants to do this program the best of luck.  I hope you have as much fun doing the program as I have.

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