Amy Campbell LVN


Hi, my name is Amy Campbell, I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I've been an LVN for 10 years. I've wanted to be an RN for a long time; it's always been a dream of mine. I really could never find the time to fit traditional college into my work schedule so I put it off for about 10 years until I found out about Rue. Once I found out about the Rue study systems, I talked to the counselor that told me I would need 14 classes. I completed the 14 classes in about a year and a half.

Scheduling the exams is very easy. You can either call and sign up, or you can schedule the exams online. I thought they did a wonderful job of preparing me for the exams. The study systems guide you and focus on the information you need. They organize and simplify the study plan for you. The clinical study system really reduces a lot of anxiety, because when you get it, you see that it’s small and the information is simplified and lets you focus on what you need to pass the exam.

The first couple of tests I did well, but I hadn’t really communicated with anyone that was going through what I was going through until I went to the Rue website. On the website I found wonderful resources.  The website, to me, is a very important aspect of the whole Rue study system because it lets me get in contact - even on a daily basis - with people who are working on the same thing I am.

I would suggest to anybody who was like me, an LVN and has been in the field for a while, to definitely consider going for your RN. I think that anyone can do this once you put your mind to it.

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