Ann Bresson RN


Hi, my name is Ann Bresson and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I’ve been an RN for almost one year.  I wanted to move on and get my RN - I had an LPN - because I wanted to work in hospice care.  You need to have an RN to do home hospice care.

The reason I chose Rue was the convenience.  I could go to school at the same time I was also pursuing my career in nursing, and was enjoying my family and my activities, and wanted to continue to do that while I went to school.

The Rue materials were excellent in helping me prepare for my exams.  I easily aced every single exam that I took of the seven courses.

I did call a few times to ask Rue’s resource people questions about the study materials and I was always very pleased with the resource person’s availability and their answers to me. 

I think the Rue material is very well-suited for those people who have not been in school for a long time, or have been away from a study program and really want to get back into it at their own pace.  These materials give you the time to reflect, focus, ask questions and prepare.  It is less stressful than a classroom situation would be.

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