Melissa Ebner LPN


Hello, my name is Melissa Ebner. I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’ve been an LPN for 18 years and I’m currently working in the emergency room. I originally heard about Rue through the mailings. I decided to get on the internet to get an idea of everyone’s study systems and Rue seemed to be recommended by the most people, and seemed to be the most comprehensive. After using the systems, I feel that it is.

I chose to do the Rue study systems as opposed to the traditional college setting for many reasons. One of them being I work full-time as an LPN, the others being a mother, and a wife, and having many other things going on in your life.  It beats having to sit in a classroom.

I feel that having the base of being an LPN was definitely an advantage.  And the Rue systems - guiding you which way to go, what to study, and what specific things to study for -  for me was a lot easier then sitting in a classroom.

The support system at Rue was wonderful. Anytime that I called, the representative that I spoke to knew about me, and knew about the test I had taken, and was very supportive. After I finished each exam, I would call her just to make sure I was doing the right test and going in the right direction, and she would encourage me to take one exam over another depending on the exam I had just finished.

Some of the subjects are harder than the others.  Sometimes after finishing a large course, like Anatomy & Physiology or Microbiology, she would direct me to do a course that was a lot less stressful. So they always had me in mind every time I called and had my mental status in mind as well.

I believe that the Rue study systems can help anyone attain their degree as long as they have it within themselves to be disciplined. I think that if it helped me, it can certainly help anybody.

Goodbye and good luck.

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