Cathleen Schneider RN


Hi, my name is Cathleen Schneider. I live in Cape Coral, Florida. I was an LPN for 28 years. I’m an RN now for a year. What motivated me to get my RN degree was respect and recognition that comes with that title and earning those credentials. I chose Rue over a traditional college program because of the flexibility, the ability to study at my own pace, and be independent.

I liked the Rue learning systems because it offered me the independence that I needed. I could control my study time, and there was always somebody around that I could contact when I needed information. Prior to taking any of the tests, I did review. When I felt confident enough, I made my test appointment. I didn’t do it unless I had confidence in myself that I was going to pass, and I did in fact pass and move on to the next system. I did need to contact Rue on a couple of occasions, and I was able to receive a response in a short time to help answer some of my questions.

While I was going through the Rue Education program, there were obstacles, daily obstacles in the way – working full time, raising children, and I did need to stop at intervals. I was basically able to maintain the program through my course of study even though I was raising three children, and I had a husband, and I worked full time, and had other commitments. As long as I set aside time every day to study, even if it was only 20 minutes, I did it every single day. Some days I was able to devote more time, but basically daily I did something.

Going from LPN to RN has made a major difference in my career. The respect that you get is just so worthwhile. Believe it or not, coworkers have admired my devotion, and my dedication to accomplishing and achieving my RN, and I could not have done it without Rue. It gave me the flexibility that I needed to get my degree.

If I was a student right now going through a Rue Education program, I would seek out the advice of the advisors, and the counselors at Rue, and I would go on the (Mentor Connection) website to speak to peers and get support that way. The Mentor Connection was very helpful. I found that peers would be going through the same scenarios that I would be going through – maybe having the same problems that I had, and I was able to get a lot of support. Having an Advisor just a phone call away was very helpful. If I wasn’t able to talk to somebody right away, they would get back to me within 24 hours to answer my question.

I would strongly advise a program like this to suite your needs, and accomplish your goals. The goal is to be an RN, and you can do it like I did it.

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