Jennifer Zelaya LVN


Hi, my name is Jennifer Zelaya and I currently live in Houston, Texas. I’ve been an LVN since 2001 and I’m currently working in Memorial Hospital as an LVN.

About the study guides, I really enjoyed the quizzes at the end of each chapter and then the final exam and the end of the whole thing. It really helped me a lot - and it helped me to go back and find what I really needed to study on.

Now that I have a baby, it makes it a lot easier for me to study at home than being at school ... and the schedule has agreed with my time more than being at school. I think I’ve done pretty good trying to complete the sections. I think I’ve finished them pretty quick.

A lot of people are really proud of me for wanting to go through with this program and I suggest that everybody should go ahead and do it. I would recommend people who have motivation to study on their own - and if they’re the type of person who can study on their own and without anybody telling them what to do. It’s a good program and I wish you luck, I think in the long run, it really benefits you.

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