Wanda Bane LPN


Hi, I’m Wanda Bane. I currently live in Springfield, Missouri and I’ve been an LPN for 19 years. I decided after 17 years of being an LPN that it was time for me to move forward to get my RN license. There was going to be a lot of changes in the department I’ve been working in. and I’d foreseen that this was going to be a big help to me in the future.

I feel like the Rue directed study systems are pretty much on target with what you need to key in order to pass the exams.  Between that and the interactive forum they have, it’s been a big help.

What I like about the study guides is it tells you the page in your workbook that you need to read to key into get the answer, which in turn has you read more, and add to it, so you end up picking up extra things besides directly to that question ... which is certainly a big help.

I think the one thing that I’ve had compliments on from my family, co-workers and friends is the fact that when I decided to sign up for this program, within a month’s time after I signed up, I took a promotion at work ... and it was a brand new position for the department. So I've had to build this position in the department, plus tackling all of my family duties, and then my studies, and my classes ... and I feel like I’ve moved on fairly well with this and I’ve had lots of compliments about that.

I think that the Rue directed study system could help anyone that is motivated, wants to earn their degree, and is serious about it. If you go right by their study systems you should not have a problem and be able to do it. I encourage anyone that has thought about doing this to not continue to put it off. I know if I've done it, you can do it. Goodbye and good luck.

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