Darlene Kilen RN


Hi, my name is Darlene Kilen. I currently live in Rochester, Minnesota and I’ve been an RN since October of this year. What motivated me to get my RN was doing the same type of work as the RNs ... and I felt that I deserved the better pay as well. The reason I chose Rue was because they were willing to work with me on the low monthly payments and getting the material I needed.

The best thing about the study guides was that they were simple and easy to use. The questions I had, I was able to look things up easily. I really liked the exams at the end of each chapter and the final exam at the end of the workbook. Those were the most beneficial things I used to help me pass each of my exams.

I thought the Rue people were very supportive and positive.  They helped encouragingly and were very interested in my progress.

I realize it’s a big step for anyone to take, but it can be done. You just have to view all of the studying and the hard work as this is going to be what your hobby is from here until you’re done. You can do it and the feeling that you get once you’ve accomplished it is beyond your imagination. It’s wonderful.

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