Ken Covey LPN


Hi, my name is Ken Covey and I presently live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve been an LPN for about four years. I decided to become an RN because I wanted the added responsibilities and the added income. I believe I was ready for both of those changes.

After I took the first two or three courses I began to pace myself, realizing that it took me about two months per course. Rue is a very flexible program, so when I saw the summer months coming, or I saw an exceptionally demanding period of my life - like when I was doing treatment for cancer therapy - I could take the test whenever I wanted. I would basically stretch it out to three months, or as my lifestyle demanded.

The Rue systems prepared me very well for the exam. A few of the questions were actually word-for-word; the subject matters were correlated perfectly with the test. 

The support I received from Rue was a model of communication. I talked to a person when I wanted to talk to a person. I was directed to a resource that was directly related to my questions. Communication with Rue was very open and very useful.  And later on I learned how to use the online connection as well, and that was pretty good.

Rue Education systems will help you earn your degree if you are dedicated to earning that degree. You have to be a self-starter and you have to be self-motivated - the rewards, monetarily, are incredible. You have to understand the time and discipline it takes to attain your goal. It is tailored specifically to what you need and what you want physically, mentally and professionally to succeed. I loved it.

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