Judy Anderson RN


Hello, my name is Judy Anderson and I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  I got my associate's and then I went on and got my bachelor's.  Rue helped me both times and it has helped me progress in my own career as far as becoming more than a staff nurse - house supervisor, also a clinical instructor, and I’ve done some teaching on an associate's degree.

I started out as an LPN it's why I went back to school - and I just decided that if you’re going to do the job, you might as well get the credit for it, and be the RN.  You also might as well get the money.  As an LPN there is no room for advancement.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, or how much you know.

The last few job opportunities (and one happened May this year) were that I’ve just had more opportunities.  I’m a house supervisor at the hospital I’m working at now.  I’ve also been asked to be a clinical instructor.  I’ve also gotten other positions in the teaching field.

The words of advice I have to any LPN ... and believe me I’ve given this numerous times ... is go back to get your RN.  You’re just wasting your time and your talent.  You’re too good to stay right here.

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