Meredith Jodar RN


Hi, my name is Meredith Jodar and I’m from New Jersey. I was an LPN. I currently have my RN license. I really wanted to get my RN because I knew with getting the new license, it would give me a lot more opportunity to go anywhere I really wanted in the field of nursing. It opened many doors for me that I wasn’t able to do with my LPN license. I chose independent study because I have a family, and I have to work full time, so it was the best way for me to get my degree. It’s flexible and I made my own schedule with studying, and it was at my own pace, so it really worked out perfectly for me.

I feel like the Rue materials are a great preparation. They really hit the main ideas of what the exam is based on. I like that the Rue materials gave you direction, and what to look into and study for, and gave you enough room to write your own notes. Also, the practice tests were great because it gave you good training.

The Rue support is great. Every time you call up Rue, there’s always someone to talk to and answer any question you have. If one person doesn’t know the answer, usually someone else does.

Using Rue Education, it was a lot better for me. I was able to pursue school with having a family - and being pregnant - and still able to study throughout my pregnancy, and accomplish that even with all the hectic things in life. It was great.

My advice would be just to really self-motivate. Tell yourself that you can do it.  And sometimes you need to give yourself the extra push and make a schedule that works for you with the independent study. Really, that’s all you need – just motivation and organization. I feel like anybody can do it as long as you put the work in and try hard. Anybody can do this with the right mindset.

For those nurses who are currently going for their RN license, I wish all of you good luck. You can do it! For those who are thinking about doing it, I would say, go for it. It’s a great opportunity. Just self motivate and put the work into it and it’s worth it.

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