Dennis Gaudet Respiratory Therapist


Hi, my name is Dennis Gaudet and I live in Boston, Massachusetts.  I am a registered respiratory therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

What has motivated me to move forward is that we used to be very closely paid to the nursing staff in the Northeast and they’ve really started to pull away from us recently.  Also, I wanted to expand the depth and the breadth of the care I provide to my patients.

The material that Rue has sent me has been very clearly explained, and when I want to get hold of somebody, I either call or email if it’s not a rush.  I always get through very quickly to somebody when I call Rue, and somebody gets back to me within 24 hours when I email.  Usually they get back to me that same day ... or they’ll even call me if I email them.  Rue has answered every question I’ve had.  I haven’t had many.  They contact me to make sure things are going well.  Everybody is personable, knowledgeable and nice.  They are wonderful.

I am glad to have chosen Rue and to be working on this nursing degree for a couple of reasons:  it gives you a feeling of control, a feeling of growth and progress – I’m very happy to be doing this.  Just the fact that I’m doing it feels good.  No regrets.  I’m very happy to do it.

I believe the Rue directed study systems will help anybody with their degree.  The truth is the stuff is what you said.  It’s laid out; it is clearly marked.  And I hope people will take the opportunity - if they want to do this ... do it.  Don’t wait.  You will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

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