Meghann Nielson LPN


Hi, my name is Meghann Nielson and I currently live in Woods Cross, Utah. I’ve been an LPN for four years. I heard about Rue talking to some friends of mine at work that were also working and had kids. They said it had worked really well for them and helped them get through pretty easy.

I chose Rue so I could stay at home and work and not have to worry about doing a billion clinicals and having to find more day care.

The financing was great and it was easy to come up with the money every month and not have to worry about a big student loan at the end.

I felt like Rue was very helpful, it was nice to have a place to call that always had answers, and could tell me who to call at Excelsior, and what I needed to do to make things go really quick.

Deciding to work on my RN has been good so far. It’s hard because I have to find the time to do it - but it’s not too bad doing it at home and I’m excited to get a raise.

I feel like Rue study systems are good for anyone that is confident and willing to give it a try, because they are pretty easy to use. I just really think that you should do it and I think that it’s so much easier to do than you think in the beginning. You look at all of your classes and it seems like it’s going to be forever until you’re done, but it goes by quick and it’s so worth doing. Good luck.

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