Melissa Denius LPN


Hi, my name is Melissa Denius. I currently live in Troy, Ohio and I’ve been an LPN for 16 years. I’ve been motivated to earn my RN to earn more money for the job I’m doing, because at present, I do an RN’s job ... I just don’t get paid for it.

I like the way that I can study at home and use my time wisely. I can earn my degree at my own pace. I chose Rue because I’m a full-time employee, I’m involved at my church, and I have a family. There is no time to go to school.

I think that the Rue study system can help anyone that is willing to put the work in. I feel that you can get through if you’re goal-oriented and willing to put the time in. I would like to encourage anyone that currently works as an LPN that they should take that step of faith, that you can get your degree by working at home. You can get through this and know that you have a team behind you to support you so that you can move on. I wish you the best of luck.  Keep at it and don’t stop.

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