Sarah Andrews LPN


Hi, my name is Sarah Andrews.  I currently live in Fort Myers, Florida.  I’ve been an LPN for nine years.  When I started I was a little scared as to how well the study guides would prepare me for the test and wondering if I had the correct information.  The very first test that I took, I found that every bit of information that was on that test was in that study guide.  Some of them were pretty close to the same exact questions that were in the Rue study guides.  It has prepared me 1000% for these tests.  I couldn’t have done it without it.

The study guides took the guess work out of figuring out what you needed to know.  They were very simple, efficient, time-saving ... and they really help you get through.  You need some help getting through that quickly, and all of the study guides did just that.

I chose Rue because I work full time, I have a family, and Rue was simple and straight to the point.  I knew exactly how much I was paying and paid it in monthly payments.  That was a tremendous help being that I was a single mom and I had no one to watch my son while I went to classes.

The support at Rue is phenomenal.  I believe the study systems can help anyone.  Anyone can do it.  Gosh knows that if I can then anyone can.

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