Charles Grant LPN


Hi, my name is Charles Grant, I’m an LPN and I live in Lawton, Oklahoma. The last course I took was Nursing 2 which I completed in just about three weeks. I believe that the systems I received from Rue have been very helpful. A lot of the information that I wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise has been in the study guides and it has helped me immensely.

I have a bachelor's degree from a traditional college, and as a nurse, I was wanting to work in the nursing field ... and I didn’t want to take the time away from working that was required to attend school.  Plus, my working hours truly limited my ability to take classes.  So home study was the best possible answer.

The biggest problem for me - and probably many others - was the fear of getting started. Now that I’m started, things are going quite smoothly. I’m very happy.  I’ve learned a great deal.

The difference between the RN program and the LPN program is the LPN is a little more hands-on and the RN is a little more theoretical and has to do more with path-physiology of disease. I’ve learned a great deal and I’m very appreciative of that. I’d like to recommend the Rue system.

I found that the Rue system is conducive to almost exact questions and information on the test that I’ve taken so far from Excelsior. I would recommend the Rue system to anyone who wants to get a degree in nursing or any other field they might endeavor.

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