Stacie Clark LVN


Hello, my name is Stacie Clark and I’m from Beaumont, Texas. I’ve been a practicing LVN for seven years.

I feel the Rue directed study system prepared me exceptionally well for the exam. I love to do research, and Rue had all the topics that were needed on the exam. When I researched all of the topics that they brought about, I always did extremely well on my exams, and felt that I had a thorough understanding.

What I liked most about the study guides were the practice exams at the end, and they all offered a final exam at the end. Those were very helpful to go back and check that you were understanding the information correctly. 

I absolutely believe that Rue study systems can help anyone earn their degree. If you’re dedicated to studying, and you're motivated to work at it, and walk through it until you understand at your own pace, you will get it and you will succeed.

For those that are thinking about doing the Rue program, or are already in it and are struggling, or find themselves frustrated ... what I would say is do not give up. You will get out of it what you put into it. If you’re willing to put in the motivation, and the time, and the desire to do it. You are going to do well and succeed.

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