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Nurse Awarded for Making Difference in Patient’s Life – Twice

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kathryn Guben was presented with the DAISY award after her nomination from a new mother whom Kathryn had made a difference in her life on 2 separate occasions.

The first occasion occurred when Kathryn was there at the new mom’s bedside during the delivery of her baby. The new mom explains Kathryn’s words “Your baby is fine” was music to her ears according to a report from Those same musical words arrived a second time when Kathryn happened upon a car accident involving that new mother, her husband, and her newborn baby. Kathryn selflessly showed the integrity of a professional nurse by checking to see if they were okay and offered to personally care for their baby while they were taken to the hospital. The new mother explains “I was so scared for my baby the day of delivery and the accident,” explains the mom. “Both days Kathryn was there with her care and concern and true love for our baby too. Thank you Kathryn.”

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