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I Want to Be an RN - Is Online Learning Right For Me?

Monday, August 13, 2012

So you’ve decided to pursue advancement in your career and become an RN? You’re on the right track. But what if you are strapped for time working 12 hour shifts, raising a family, and commuting to a university just isn’t a possibility? It may be time to adjust your ideas of what conventional college is and the opportunities available that you may have downplayed or just never considered.

One such option is earning a nursing degree online. This gives adult learners the freedom to study at home and fit their classes into their own time. Online learning eliminates commutes to class, stress about attendance, and missed family time. However, interested learners have their doubts about the effectiveness of the curriculum and the credibility of a degree from an online college. In response, according to an article from, they explain you can “Forget being tied down to class times or having to commute to class. Online nursing degrees offer flexibility, convenience, and often times the same curriculum as its traditional counterpart.” Furthermore, to address the credibility of online degrees with hiring managers, CNN reported that “83 percent of executives agreed that an online degree is as credible as one earned through a traditional campus-based program.”

Online learning is a viable solution for busy adult learners that are excited and motivated to further their education and degree but don’t know where to begin. Rue Education has been helping adult learners in this situation for over 20 years. Nearly 100,000 future nurses have utilized Rue Education’s learning systems to earn credit towards their nursing degrees. If you’re ready to start on your RN journey and ready to experience what online learning can do for you, talk to Rue Education today!