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Nursing Facilities Going Paperless

Imagine the benefits if all health care facilities ditched the pens and papers and decided to go digital. The environmental and financial savings on paper alone would be staggering. Factor in the cost of hardware like large printers and expensive ink cartridges, duplicates being made, unnecessary waste, and other accessories like envelopes, pens, postage, etc. and the savings are easy to add up. In addition, the non-financial benefits of turning charts digital would be increased accuracy and better treatment for patients. It would be as if suddenly everyone involved in patient care all had the same handwriting. Misinterpreted prescription amounts, dosages, and diagnoses would be a thing of the past. Furthermore, imagine patients’ charts being updated and shared across all caregivers in real time. No more repeat treatments or redundant visits to an already treated patient. Additionally, doctors and nurses could carry hundreds of quick-reference resources all in one electronic tablet computer, increasing their speed in care given and accuracy of information provided. The only cost would be the initial cost of providing the digital components such as tablets, styluses, and charging mats.


However, revolutionary changes are often met with stubborn resistance. People fear change, even beneficial ones, and will often fight to keep things status quo. One major obstacle to adopting a completely electronic and digital charting approach would be the generations of doctors and nurses that didn’t grow up with computers at an early age. For these generations, checking email can be an all-day venture and navigating a website can be confusing. Unlike younger generations that were born into the digital age, the baby boomer generation has transitioned into it, and sometimes prefer to leave things as they were, pen and paper, the way they’ve always been. It’s comfortable, and more importantly they understand it. A healthcare career can be stressful enough, adding in learning new technology can feel overwhelming. This is where training comes in, and the advanced generations, given a little patience and room to learn their way, can realize the transition to digital tools can be easy and even enjoyable. Technology grows to be both more complicated, but also more intuitive. Large keyboards and peripherals have been replaced by touch-screen interfaces and slim, portable devices. Tablets can be made to feel like books, with animated turning pages and a pen-like stylus for highlighting or taking notes. Introducing and training from a boomer’s point of view will make the transition much smoother; teach them and train them using concepts and ideas they’re already familiar with. They’ll soon be as fluent as their children and will wonder how they ever went so long without going digital.


Rue Education understands the needs of adult learners.  We’ve been helping adult LPN/LVNs, paramedics, and RTs transition to RNs for over 20 years. Rue Education has adapted and grown to keep up with technology and the demands of a changing health care industry and the new ways of earning a nursing degree and becoming an RN. Classrooms have turned into online courses, and teachers have become online tutors and mentors. The result? Hopeful nurses that thought they never had time to earn their RN degree due to their busy family lives and work schedules now have a chance to be RNs. Rue Education also understands that online study can be intimidating, which is why we have academic advisors with you from your first day until you pass your state board exam. You’ll also get support from other graduates that have used Rue’s system.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about earning your nursing degree, and are open to completing it in a new way that works into your busy schedule. Having a little help getting started might be the only thing you need. Give Rue Education a call if you’re ready to transition to RN and see how easy it can be!

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